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Involvement & Events

The Gruppo Banca Sella constantly promotes initiatives and events to involve its employees. Some of these initiatives take place on an occasional basis, but the largest part of them are kept alive and have turned into habitual events. Among the initiatives, we can mention:


The Gruppo Banca Sella's house organ that is published every 3 months and distributed to every employee. The first issue was published in 2003 and 4 years later (in 2007) said house organ's name and graphic look changed. This is a proof of the extent to which the initiative is kept alive.

The goal is to increase the company culture by highlighting in particular official events and events centred on meeting, by celebrating successes, by informing about the Group's working life, by presenting the people working within the Group and thus by making easier to identify with the company and build a team.

CorSella is also translated into English for foreign customers.

GBS Video News

The company TV news program for the employees was created in July 2006. It was created with the participation of colleagues and it is an innovative instrument aimed to constantly provide information in a simple language about the following: guidelines, organisation changes, news about products & services, marketing initiatives and events of the Gruppo Banca Sella.