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The Gruppo Banca Sella believes that skilled and motivated people make the difference in achieved results. A company exist to create value to its Customers. Therefore, the Customers need people that are capable of meeting their needs and finding solutions with enthusiasm and determination in attaining their result.

The Group deems it essential to foster and encourage team spirit, as well as grow talented people by increasing their professionalism and skills.

The Gruppo Banca Sella thus relies on employees promoting change and working with competency, professionalism and helpfulness. Cooperation, along with humbleness and frankness, is thus a fundamental precondition for professional growth.

The Gruppo Banca Sella is convinced of this: finding the right way to act is the result of a plurality of ideas and actions. Every person is a precious potential source of development and innovation to the company. However, the emergency of ideas has to be fostered, so that the potential does not just remain a potential and develops to a real and useful proactive behaviour. Views must not be underestimated, intuition instances have to be investigated and the creation of a stimulating and encouraging environment at all levels has to be favoured.

This precondition is the origin of the "Open Door" philosophy. According to it, everyone has a possibility and a duty to make his/her suggestions and thus significantly contribute to the company growth.

Equal opportunities

The Gruppo Banca Sella believes that responsibilities and recognitions have to be granted to people deserving them and being skilful (whether men or women), by recognising the different achievements in order to fairly reward the person who attains them and always identify the most suitable tasks for everyone. The staff distribution at Banca Sella, the Group's main company, clearly shows equality, as well as a balance of men and women. In 2005, men decreased to 49.56% of the total staff members (starting from 50.27%), while women increased to 50.44% of the total staff members (starting from 49.73%). In 2003, men were 50.69% and women 49.31% respectively.

About 30% of the branch office managers are women. In addition to this, Banca Sella promotes flexible working time. For example, it uses part-time scheme for over 11% of the total staff members (the vast majority of whom being women: 10%).