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In 2007, about 92,900 classroom training hours per person were provided at a Group level. These came together with about 70,000 training hours used through e-learning, thanks to a new IT platform facilitating cooperative learning (fora, chat lines, training exercises, ...), as well as the use of contents. This totalled 162,900 hours per person globally.

The main topics were:

  • Adapting technical-professional know-how (finance, language training, legislation and so on).
  • Consolidating commercial skills (sales and marketing communication, new products & services).
  • Monitoring the business activity correctness (Mifid, risks and controls, security).
  • Developing managerial and behavioural skills (professional communication, activity management, human resource assessment and so on).
  • Deepening IT-field knowledge (development, programming, analysis, databases).


Great attention was paid to professional updating about sector-related legislation (with specific classroom & e-learning courses) and to developing new skills as regards selling insurance products, with ad hoc training courses enabling 1,220 Group employees to be certified according to the ISVAP (the Italian Private and Public Interest Insurance Companies Supervisory Institute) regulation on insurance brokerage.

The colleagues being the preferential Customer interface as regards investments continued to receive specialised training in finance and legislation, to ensure that the very high professional standards already achieved over previous years were maintained. Personal bankers are constantly certified through specific learning tests.

Training courses about general banking and finance culture, as well as on introduction to corporate organisation were created for Newly recruited people. 156 newly recruited junior resources have attended these training courses.

Language training at a Group level was as intense as in the previous year and more than 130 colleagues received it through individual and collective initiatives. These were often related to passing officially recognised exams such as Trinity College or First Certificate of Cambridge ones.

The Leading Bank Top and Middle Management members have been involved in an important organisational and managing excellence project. This took place through workshops and meetings (including training meetings) that allowed for deepening the issues of resource management and communication, as well as supplementing methodology knowledge on organisation development with new instruments & methodologies.

Permanent learning has strongly been fostered - to ensure that the skills of the human resources were constantly updated - by closing agreements with various high-standing schools from a training perspective, as well as by leading top managers, middle managers and high potential professionals to attend a higher number of conference, seminars and workshops.

Moreover, the GEB ERASMUS project went further. This is a Group-promoted initiative providing for the exchange of staff members between the Banks being part of the GEB (European Private Banking Association), with a view to knowing other organisations of international scale and different working methods through side-by-side coaching abroad.