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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment

'Banking' is not a job as all the other ones are. Indeed, a bank is much more than a mere service provider to a Customer's eyes:

A banking institution's work and profits represent the necessary initial condition for a great stakeholder community to be wealthy: first of all, Customers but also staff, suppliers, providers, counterparties, local community in general and shareholders.

Stakeholder dedicate constantly growing attention to corporate social responsibility. They expect ethics, transparency and responsibility to be the benchmark for all initiatives and stakeholder relations.

The Gruppo Banca Sella is aware of this and has conformed its work to a set of values and principles since its very origins. These values and principles have been officialised in the "Documento dei Valori del Gruppo Banca Sella" (The Value Document of the Gruppo Banca Sella) since 2003.

The Ethics Committee within the Group has also been working since 2003. Its tasks are to define, amend, update and disseminate the ethical principles in force within the Group, to check that they are complied with and to supervise their perception within the Group and outside it.

The Committee establishes the Corporate Social Responsibility Policies towards the different stakeholders while expressing opinions on whether it is suitable to finance specific sectors or make liberal donations, as well as drafting behavioural guidelines concerning all the Group's products & services.

The Gruppo Banca Sella Ethics Committee is composed of members coming from within the Group and chaired by the Chief Executive Officer; it is a real operating mechanism helping the business activities, since they have to be commercially characterised in that they respect ethics and responsible behaviour, too.

Indeed, only by well doing its job and ethically behaving value can be created not just for the company, but also for all the stakeholders. A responsible behaviour inspired by ethical values towards all the stakeholders is the foundation on which a sound and durable Group growth and its contribution to local community sustainable development are based.