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Local scale/National scale support

The Group is also active in supporting local organisations, as well as events and initiatives of particular significance.

  • Progetto Pedibus (The Pedibus Project): Banca Sella is going to pay an amount equalling 1% of financing provided within the "Eco Drive" Project framework. Under this project, people and entities based in the Province of Biella are offered financing with advantageous terms & conditions to replace Euro 1 petrol-fuelled and Euro 2 diesel-fuelled vehicles with lower environmental impact vehicles. The Pedibus Project is a project to school in corporate sustainability. More specifically, it consists of a walking bus, i.e. a children caravan walking together to school and being accompanied by two adults: a 'driver' at the caravan front end and a 'ticket collector' at the tail end. The project purports to reduce vehicle circulation around primary schools by involving pupils, their parents, grandparents and teachers, to render our cities more suitable for living, less polluted and less dangerous. Moreover, starting from joining the project itself, it purports to provide educational and instructive opportunities that can concern issues such as children-city relations, revitalisation of cities, means of transport and the environment.
  • Many contributions to the sporting world aimed at disseminating positive values being tied to it. Among them, the following stand out: supporting the "Pallacanestro Biella" A-League City Basketball Team and its youth system (for the strong instructive value sporting has to teenagers); sponsoring the "Biella Volley" Volleyball Team; sponsoring the "Gruppo Banca Sella" International Women's Tennis Tournament at the "Circolo Tennis Biella" Tennis Club and contributing to the "Strabiella" and "Stracada" charity marathons.
  • Supporting associations and entities of significance (through contributions, donations or sponsorships) such as the CAI ("Club Alpino Italiano", namely the Alpine Club of Italy), the "Cenaculum Latinitatis" Cultural Association from Biella, the "Accademia della Cultura" Academy from Biella and the Saint Sebastian Basilica in Biella.

Among the initiatives carried out in 2005, we can mention: The initiatives under the So.L.E. Project. This is 'an association of associations' one of whose founding members is Banca Sella and whose members comprise about one hundred non-profit associations being mainly active in Piedmont (specific fundraising and fund-use products have been created with soft terms & conditions for the non-profit sector); the commitment made under the Associazione Sorella Natura Association to promote environment protection and solidarity finance; the contribution to "La Passione di Sordevolo" (Province of Biella): this is an amateur theatre play being enacted every 5 years from June to September. In addition, we point to the supporting contributions to the F.A.I. ("Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano", namely the Italian Environment Foundation); the Municipality of Cerrione (so that it can award scholarships to meritorious students); the Fondazione Scientifica Mauriziana Onlus Science Foundation - through the "Premio Prof. Aurelio Costa" Prize (Aurelio Costa was a renowned professor of clinical medicine with origins in Biella, who founded the "Centro per le malattie della tiroide" Thyroid Disease Centre) intended for a young researcher having got distinguished for original studies in this field - the Fondazione Nazionale Gigi Ghirotti Foundation to support cancer patients and their families; the Unione Nazionale Veterani Sport e diversamente abili Union for the National Track and Field Event "Per non essere diversi" (In order not to be different); the Comitato Oulx Committee for the 20th Winter Olympic Games; the Pinoy Club in Milan to organise the "Festa della Cultura Filippina" Feast (this association fosters integration and personal development of Philippine immigrants in Italy). Finally, the Premio Quintino Sella Prize. This is an initiative to commemorate Quintino Sella during the 33rd International Geology Congress in Florence.

Exhibitions of local artists set up at branch offices of the Group are of particular significance, too. These take place in the framework of a project that has already been launched since some years and aims to develop connections between the company and local territory through art.