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School & University Training initiatives

With a view to supporting school education and university learning - which are key sectors for making any community grow - the Group promoted the following initiatives:

2008 initiatives

  • 26 computers were donated by Banca Sella to 7 different schools in the Biella region from October to January. The initiative started nearly by chance. Indeed, it originated from a request a teacher from the Candelo primary school made to the local branch office. 18 computers were donated on that occasion. Then, the needs of other schools were met: the Collodi School in Biella (7 PCs), the S. Quirico School in Vigliano Biellese (10 PCs), the Benna Nursery School (1 PC), the Quaregna Primary School (2 PCs) and the Ronco Biellese Primary School (3 PCs). The initiative was also extended to Alice Castello municipality, that received 3 PCs from the Cavaglià branch office. In all cases, PC donations made it possible to support teaching activities relating to IT. This is a key area in educating children.
  • "PattiChiari con l'economia" (Clear Agreements with Economy) is an educational programme promoted by the Consorzio PattiChiari Consortium in partnership with Banca Sella. It purports to familiarise 200,000 students from more than 1,000 schools in 27 Italian cities with economy. This educational package has been created to simply introduce the basic notions making it easier to really know economy rules. It provides pupils with adequate preparation for integrating and actively participating in the cultural, social, professional and business reality around them. Indeed, the financial education programme for schools was aimed at expanding knowledge of financial services & instruments. Banca Sella takes part in the project by making its tutors available to 1,200 pupils from 60 classes approx. The tutors are to take part in a meeting with the pupils and their teachers, in order to outline aspects relating to business plan creation and development.

2007 initiatives

  • Four Indian trainees spent their internship within Gruppo Banca Sella in Biella. Delen Dharmaraj, Deepa Nagaraj, Krishna Prasad and Toms Zacharia came from the Tamil Nadu region – in the Southern part of India – and got an internship in Biella through their course of study. This included a degree in India and a Computer Science Master's Degree at the Trento University. Thanks to their internship within Gruppo Banca Sella, these four young people had the possibility to cope with labour market and practically apply their broad and deep IT-knowledge. They were assigned to different operation departments: Deepa spent her internship in the Credit department, Delen spent his one in the Innovation & Quality department, Toms worked in the Electronic Payment System department and Krishna worked in the Traditional Payment System department.
  • Ten lessons to learn the basics of markets and financial instruments. This is the summary of the course programme which the Liceo Scientifico "Avogadro" High School of Science in Biella launched in partnership with Gruppo Banca Sella. The ten lessons were all given by Gruppo Banca Sella's staff members. After outlining a general framework of markets and instruments (especially the innovative ones), they addressed risk coverage through derivatives & futures, covered warrants and ETFs. They subsequently dealt with technical & fundamental analysis and closed with practical tests on a platform where on-line trading could be simulated.

2006 initiatives

  • On the occasion of the Group marking its 120th anniversary, 8 Post-graduate prizes were set up for drafting a Post-graduate Dissertation on an economy & banking topic. The prize was dedicated to the memory of Gaudenzio Sella, the Banca Sella founder. The call (that was due to end in July 2007) involved the University of Turin, the "La Sapienza" University of Rome, the University of Bologna and the "Bocconi" University of Milan.
  • In November 2006, the new Master's Degree in Banking and Finance was launched. It was created by the Città Studi di Biella university centre in close cooperation with Gruppo Banca Sella. The Master's Degree aimed at training resources specialising in the bank management sector.
  • Banca Sella funded a scholarship tendered by the Fondazione Collegio Puteano Foundation from Pisa. The scholarship was intended for a meritorious student residing in Piedmont and coming from a family in financial straits, to get enrolled for a degree in "Banking, Finance & Financial Markets", as well as for the subsequent post-graduate course in "Banking, Stock Exchanges & Insurance".
  • The Io e la Banca (I and my Bank) initiative dedicated to Primary School pupils was created. We seek to familiarise children with the Bank world through training meetings in branch offices. The aim is to give children an idea of what a Bank is and how it works, as well as to school them in saving and banking service knowledge. Of course, everything is done in a simple and play-like manner to be of appeal to children.

2005 initiatives

  • Our contribution to the Master delle Fibre Nobili (the Noble Fibres Master's Degree): the initiative developed and grew to such an extent that a specific institution had to be established, namely the "Fondazione Master delle Fibre Nobili" Foundation dating back to 1997. Its object is to take care of supplementing the University or university-level preparation of young applicants within the Città degli Studi in Biella.
  • Awarding a scholarship under the degree course in "Economy and SME management" being held in the Città degli Studi, in Biella, for the best degree dissertation concerning "Banking communication in Italy and Europe". The goal was to facilitate links between university and businesses;
  • Funding the Chair of "Strategies of family-owned companies" at the "Bocconi" University of Milan;
  • Many initiatives targeting young people and school. Among them, we point to having organised the "Atleta Studente" (The Athlete-Student) prize (which students from Biella schools that achieved particularly praiseworthy performance in sports were awarded with), as well as the "Progetto Scuola" (The School Project) initiative (through which the branch office managers met school pupils and explained the banking & financial world to them).