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Risk Thermometer

The Risk Thermometer is the special indicator the Gruppo Banca Sella has created to clearly inform Customers of the risk degree of an investment. In 2005, it was associated with 98% of securities and investment products. Moreover, it was specified in the securities account statement being sent home to all Customers, within the service for ordering transactions on the Internet, as well as in the free portal section. The same information can even be found on the Intranet as a working instrument for personal bankers and counter tellers.

This action aims to best clarify the notion of risk, in order to create conditions and arrange instruments enabling our professionals to explain the notion of risk (what it is, how you asses it, what it entails) and to always make the Customer aware of the risk embedded in the investment he/she/it is making.

The Risk Thermometer does not only work to show the risk degree of every financial instrument, but also to show the risk degree of every product/security. Explaining the factors contributing to that risk degree becomes thus easier. In this way, the Customer will be able to determine the overall risk of his/her/its portfolio, so that he/she/it can constantly compare it with his/her/its investment targets.