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Ethical Products

The business activity and the product range of an institution that provides credit and asks for the investors' trust have to be imbued with ethical principles and values. Indeed. the Group's values are the founding guideline for any product or service being created. This being stated, the current commercial context requires certain products to be labelled as "ethical" that have characteristics meeting ethical goals in their investment or management way.

As regards the Gruppo Banca Sella, the following products fall under this category:

Investment products

Sustainable Investment

In 1999 Sella Gestioni SGR launched "Nordfondo Etico Obbligazionario Misto Max 20% Azioni", a fund considered ethical as it donated a percentage of the assets to charities. In 2003, Nordfondo Etico started adopting exclusion criteria in the securities selection process: all companies involved in environmental and social harmful activities were excluded from the portfolio.

From Ethical to Impact Investment
In 2015 Nordfondo Etico converts in Investimenti Sostenibili. Investimenti Sostenibili is one of the first Impact Investment Fund in Italy.

Impact Investment Strategy
Investimenti Sostenibili adopts a comprehensive ESG integration strategy intended to reach a high social and environmental impact. The aim of the Fund is to achieve capital growth over the medium to longer term. The Fund invests predominantly in green bonds (65%) and equities (15%) identified by the investment manager as providing strong social and environmental impact. The Fund holds cash on deposit up to 20% of the total value.

5 euro donated per 1000 euro invested
Investimenti Sostenibili (Retail Class) keeps donating 0,5% of the assets to institutions that operate for social purpose.

More than 15 years of charitable donations
Since its inception the fund has donated more than 1.300.000 euro to diversified charitable projects.

Credit cards

Within a credit card range, some of them devolve 70% of their annual fee to their reference association.

  • Mastercard Gruppo Abele Card (Gruppo Abele works to recover and reintegrate people in difficult situations, including alcohol and drug addicts, as well as AIDS-sick adults and adolescents);
  • Cooperativa servizi del RnS Card - Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo (Holy Spirit Renewal Movement) (The Cooperativa Servizi del RnS cooperative company is a no-profit organisation that has been working since many years to support Charismatic Movement] Holy Spirit Renewal Movement initiatives);
  • Solidarietà Cooperativa Sociale Card (this cooperative company works to integrate disabled people, drug-addicts, AIDS-sick people and detainees in the jobs market);
  • FAES Card [supports the Fondo Rette Agevolate gestito dall'Associazione Centri Scolastici e di Orientamento (Fund for Reduced School Registration Fees managed by the SChool % Guidance Centres Associatiin) that works toward establishing non-denominational education schools, although having a Christian approach to life).
  • Visa Unicef Chargeable Card: If you purchase an Unicef Prepaid Card, our bank will devolve 3 €, as well as 0.1% for every expenditure transaction, to Unicef.