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Local territories are also supported by concluding agreements aimed at developing local territories where the Gruppo Banca Sella works.

We point out among other initiatives:

  • Banca Sella making 20 millions € available to SMEs with an Eurofidi corporation guarantee covering 50% of the amount made available. The Eurofidi corporation guarantee covers 50% of the amount made available. The financing period extends up to 72 months, with a pre-amortisation period of 24 months. Purchases of capital goods related to production and expenditures for software, equipment, machinery, stock goods, revamping of buildings, research projects, quality certifications, opening of new business units are eligible for financing. Financing is also granted for investments aimed at internationalising enterprises, training, ICT and purchasing an exhibition Stand in the Fair (Fiera) section of Its credit limit closure was due on 31 December 2007.
  • Banca Sella has created the Start Up Financing Line for production, commercial or service-performing start-ups. These must have been established no more than 18 months before the financing application is made. To meet the needs of these business initiatives, the Start Up Financing Line has initial pre-amortisation periods and long-term, mid-term and short term financing products allowing to flexibly reimburse capital (by partial early discharges) without any penalty. The new financing line is thus perfect for supporting the initial liquidity needs to finance working capitals, to more easily finance initial stocks, to support investments needed to start the enterprise up both in tangible property (machinery, equipment, furniture, etc.) and intangible property (licences, purchases of business units, etc.).
  • The Gruppo Banca Sella financing line intended for professionals registered within Professional Registers This new financing line has been designed to support the technological/IT updating needs of professional firms, to meet their liquidity needs, to support investments in adapting and/or renovating equipment, capital goods and furniture, as well as to purchase buildings in which professional firms are located.
  • Softer terms & conditions for enterprises in North Western Italy have been provided for in the agreement concluded between Banca Sella and Fidindustria (the bank credit trust connected to Confindustria Italian Enterprise Association) bearing in mind Basel 2, that is, with conditions linked to the credit rating of the applicant. This agreement provides for specific financing of projects relating to clean energy production plants (PVs, drafter's note), in addition to softer financing conditions for research & development projects and capital increases, as it was the case in the past.
  • Financing to support SMEs production investments and preparing plants to produce clean energy are the elements the agreement between Banca Sella and Api Torino (SMEs association in Turin) builds on. Other opportunities this agreement introduces relate to the possibility of obtaining medium-term and long-term financing, including for purchasing stocks, for severance pay provision for reserve or severance pay conversion, as well as for implementing internationalisation projects.
    Mainly through supporting production investments and changeover to clean energy, Banca Sella and Api Torino reiterate their commitment to support SMEs in the Province of Turin when facing global market competition. This commitment is also sustainable thanks to energy sources capable of bringing long-term saving and environment protection together.
  • Honour loans for master's degree and post-graduate students to help students in financial straits and with excellent university results (and possibly excellent professional results) complete their courses of study up to attaining the degree or certificate they strive to through financial resources.
  • "Diamogli Credito" (Let's give them Credit) is the initiative for students that has been created following the agreement between Abi and the Italian Government and that Banca Sella has joined.
    These credit subsidies are intended for university students between 18 and 35 years. They can pay their education expenses in a simpler and more independent way. Indeed, financing can be applied for to pay enrolment fees for university and post-graduate courses, participating in ERASMUS, purchasing a laptop or closing housing rent contracts, should the students be enrolled in a city other than its home one. The maximum financing rate is 5.80%, as stipulated by the Italian Ministry of Economy and (with the exception of the expenditure related to substitute tax that amounts to 0.25% for financing over 18 months), and there are no charges and fees. The maximum financing period is 36 months. There is no need of further bank guarantees for granting the loans as said loans are backed against a guarantee fund established at the Council of Ministers' Chairmanship Office.