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Barrierless Exit

Our customers remain with us because of quality services and full satisfaction and not because there are barriers when leaving our bank.
This is Gruppo Banca Sella's purpose. Since 13 February 2006, it does not collect any bank account closure charges or security transfer charges on the whole range of deposits for private customers and families.
In addition, there was a guideline in force since 2003 that provided for only collecting the cost of closing operations (from a practical point of view, the working time needed to concretely close accounts) from the customer. The first accounts having been set up without closure charges date back to 1999.
In our culture, losing a customer is a defeat more than a gain and our objective is keeping him/her/it with us because we provide quality services.
Gruppo Banca Sella's philosophy is that no barriers have to exist when leaving the bank, because we want to keep customers with us using service quality. We never wanted to make a profit when losing a customer.