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Quality Actions

The Quality Actions embody Gruppo Banca Sella's principles, i.e. quality, transparency, professionalism and competency, in order to always pursue the Customer's interest. They originated in 2002 as behaviour guidelines and/or process changes. The Quality Actions currently represent one of the practical applications of Gruppo Banca Sella's way of being, a permanently developing project where new actions continue to be added to the existing ones.

The Actions the Group takes in the relationship with the Customer include transparency of principles and rules for providing credit. This also involves defining certain credit provision periods, transparency of costs and clarity of written communication with customers, along with regulating the way of communicating terms & conditions changes and providing the customer with transparent and immediate information. To protect its customers, the Group also provides internal investment training - giving the possibility to avail oneself of high-profile professionals - and definition of behaviour rules when composing portfolios and providing advice. The targets for each branch office are set starting from the customers' profile base. Actions relating to product quality monitoring are then taken. The products have to be created with costs that are certain, declared and related to the whole of the services connected with them.

Finally, our commitment to putting efficiency at the very heart of meeting the Customer's needs is summed up in the Customer Service Action. This is a simple and modern way to enable the customer to communicate with the bank from anywhere and at any time, thanks to telephone and email services available for long time slots.