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Love for Customer

Gruppo Banca Sella's philosophy in relationships with Customers is "Love for Customer". We favour tying up personal and trust relationships between employees and customers since ever, so that we can work to satisfy the latter as regards their personal specific requests in a helpful, kind and polite way. We take care of their problems.

The Customer who entrusts us his/her savings trusts in us and deserves transparency, fairness, reliability and privacy. He/she also demands efficiency and products & services quality. When meeting these needs, we commit to offering a full and diversified range of quick and efficient products & services through a continuous innovation search. We commit to well and clearly explaining what we are offering, as well as to always pursue the Customer's interest.

A statement by Gaudenzio Sella, the founder of our bank, well explains all of our philosophy in relationships with customers. "We don't do a favour to our Customers when attending them. It is their presence that honours us." We love repeating it.