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Respect for the environment

Gruppo Banca Sella highly considers the environmental impact of its activities. It therefore resolved to set up an "Environmental Policy" aiming at embodying some of its values and in particular the "Responsible Behaviour" principle towards all stakeholders (including thus the environment, local communities and future generations).

The "Environmental Policy" lays down the Group's approach to responsibly managing the environmental impacts which its activities generate (direct impacts) and which its customers and suppliers generate (indirect impacts). In addition, it can only be implemented if the principles and culture of environmental sustainability are known and shared within the Group.

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We place a strong focus on direct environmental aspects such as using energy and paper.

As a proof of this commitment, PV systems for clean electricity production have been installed on the roofing of many branch offices and Group-owned buildings over recent years. The overall rated peak power is higher than 350 kWp and the clean electricity being produced is almost fully used to supply buildings for business use.

Energia pura The remaining electricity being used in the Italy-based Group's companies comes from a renewable source (namely, hydropower) and is certified by the "Energia Pura" (Pure Energy) label.
In order to reduce natural gas consumption, a solar water heating system for hot water production has also been installed on the roof top of the Gruppo Banca Sella headquarters. Thanks to the modern environmental sustainability and impact reduction criteria according to which said building has been constructed (along with the solar water heating system, it features a PV system with a rated power of 80 kWp approx., a top-performing wall and glazing system as regards insulation, dimmable lighting systems being capable of adjusting to daylight, etc.), the Gruppo Banca Sella was awarded a certificate of distinction within the framework of the "Green Globe Banking Award" in the "Direct Impacts" category. This concerned the projects put in place to reduce consumption and environmental waste being directly related to the operation and features of the bank.
In addition, we are a member of the ABIEnergia syndicate. This is a benchmark in the Italian banking system for any activity being related to energy-efficiency and reducing energy consumption, as well as their environmental impact.
With respect to other consumables, the main item is printer & copier paper: in order to minimise our environmental footprint, we particularly focus on consumption reduction and environment-friendly paper diffusion.

For instance:

  • we make the SellaBox service available to our customers. This service enables them to directly consult on-line accounting statements and other messages regarding current accounts, savings deposits, stock purchase accounts, asset management, financing and credit cards without receiving any paper documents.
  • The printers in the headquarters and branch offices work with certified environment-friendly paper that is obtained from renewable natural resources coming from certified and source-identified wood fibres. Said paper is produced according to environmental impact reduction criteria without using any substances harmful to health and the environment.

As concerns indirect environmental impacts, namely the ones that can be traced back to our Group's relations with customers, investors and so on, we make available a range of products intended for private customers and businesses.

  • Prestidea Ambiente
  • Prestidea Fotovoltaico

For businesses: the "Finanziamento Energia Pulita" (Clean Energy Financing) has been studied to finance businesses (including farming enterprises) and public bodies that wish to build PV systems to produce power. Gruppo Banca Sella is even ready to examine any project being dedicated to renewable power production (biomass, wind power plants, hydropower and so on) with interest and know-how, purporting to enable interested Businesses and Bodies to make their business activity more competitive and environmentally sustainable.