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Family Advisory SIM S.p.A. Sella & Partners

The Family Advisory SIM S.p.A. Sella & Partners company has its registered offices in Turin and presents itself as a sole trustee for Families. Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. holds the majority of shares in this company and the body of shareholders also includes Sim company managers.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Giovanni Zanetti
  • Deputy Chairman: Federico Sella
  • CEO: Doriano Demi
  • Directors: Bernardo Bertoldi, Attilio Viola

Board of Auditors

  • Chairman: Mario Pia
  • Statutory Auditors: Giovanni Rayneri, Paolo Vernero
  • Deputy Auditors: Emanuele Menotti Chieli, Paolo Piccatti

Registered Office location and contact details

Via Roma n. 366 - 10121 Torino
Phone 011.19697188 - 011.19697184