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Asset Management and Stock Broking

The Group has been working in the managed savings sector since the beginning of the 1980s.

Gestnord Fondi, namely the Group's historic Savings Management Company (Smc) has recently acquired Fiduciaria Sella SIMpA by way of merger. This latter company is the Group's dynamic trustee specialising in asset management. After the above merger, it changed its company name to Sella Gestioni Sgr.

Since 1st June 2007, Sella Gestioni Sgr has taken over savings asset management activities of Sella Capital Management SGR.

The object of the Selfid company - that has its registered offices in Turin - is to carry out so-called 'static' trustee services, instead.

In addition to this, the Gruppo Banca Sella works in partnership with Banque Martin Maurel, a French private bank, so that it can boast its presence in Montecarlo thanks to Martin Maurel Sella Banque Privée.