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Martin Maurel Sella Banque Privée

In the managed savings sector, the Gruppo Banca Sella joined a partnership with Banca Martin Maurel (a private bank whose origins date back to 1825) and established, in 2000, Martin Maurel Sella Banque Privée. Said bank has its registered offices in the Principality of Monaco and the Gruppo Banca Sella holds 45% of its share capital.

Martin Maurel Sella Banque Privée is an independent private bank whose Articles of Incorporation are drafted in accordance with Monegasque law. Thanks to confidentiality, quality and security of operations, it ensures by means of its managing agents that personal and corporate assets are carefully managed, even by offering a broad range of banking & financial services. These are targeted at government and private high-standing Customers, as well as variously sized companies.
The Bank opted for developing some preferential matters such as services relating to asset management, services targeting the financial engineering area (advisory service, valuation, company merger & acquisition).

Registered Office location and contact details

3 bd Princesse Charlotte, Villa du Pont - 98003 Monaco
Phone +377.
Fax +377.