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EasyNolo S.p.A.

The Easy Nolo S.p.A. company has its registered offices in Biella. It mainly works in the electronic payment system sector and specialises in e-commerce, management of points of sale terminals and fidelity card-related solutions. In addition, it provides a solution to manage SMS text transmission through its mobile platform. These texts can be related to different business transactions such as: credit card use notice, banking info, info marketing campaigns concerning the Fidelity service.

Its business lines:

developing and managing the Gestpay platform - to collect money by credit card - as well as other e-commerce transaction instruments (PayPal); we have always been applying the utmost attention to Customers' needs and service levels; besides this, we keep on monitoring market evolution and new business solutions

Points of Sale
Renting, installing and maintaining points of sale, as well as developing new services capable of being provided using them.

The company presents itself as a technical facility providing business solutions to manage Fidelity credit card-related projects through Points of sale terminals

SMS texts
Managing and implementing the SMS text transmission platform, with a focus on new business solutions

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Ernesto Rizzetti
  • Deputy Chairman: Mario Bonzano
  • General Manager and CEO: Enrico Susta
  • Directors: Marco Casartelli, Luca Ferrarese, Paolo Zaccardi.

Board of Statutory Auditors

  • Chairwoman: Federica Casalvolone
  • Statutory Auditors: Vincenzo Rizzo, Maria Pia Rosso
  • Deputy Auditors: Michela Fila Nova.

Registered Office location and contact details

Via Italia, 2 - 13900 Biella
Phone +39 015.2526511
Fax +39 015.2433078