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Biella Leasing S.p.A.

The Biella Leasing S.p.A. company was created in 1980. It was aimed at complementing the service range which the Gruppo Banca Sella provides enterprises of any size with. Its registered offices are in Biella. It is active in the following Leasing & Hire-purchase financing (L&HPF) areas, with the backing of 8 branch offices located around Italy:

  • L&HPF for motor vehicles: Biella Leasing finances passenger cars, light commercials, lorries and every kind of motor vehicle. It offers minimal formalities, swift action and permanent support;
  • L&HPF for capital goods: Biella Leasing finances capital goods that are to be used in a wide variety of business activities.
  • L&HPF for real estate: Biella Leasing financially supports a company for real estate properties being already built and being yet to be built.
  • L&HPF for pleasure yachts and similar vessels: this is a particular business segment in which Biella Leasing works both for companies and private parties.
  • Subsidised L&HPF: to combine the traditional L&HPF benefits and the grants being provided for by legislation in force.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Alberto de Lachenal
  • Deputy Chairmen: Sebastiano Sella, Piero Tropeano
  • General Manager and Chief Executive Officer: Roberto Nicoletta
  • Directors: Fabio Cesare Bagliano, Viviana Barbera, Devis Bono, Lorenzo Cavalieri, Carlo Santini, Giacomo Sella, Silvana Terragnolo

Board of Auditors

  • Chairman: Claudio Sottoriva
  • Statutory Auditors: Corrado Ogliaro, Vincenzo Rizzo
  • Deputy Auditors: Emanuele Menotti Chieli, Federica Casalvolone

Registered Office location and contact details

Via Italia, 2 - 13900 Biella
Phone +39 015.25288.1
Fax +39 015.3580499