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Consel S.p.A.

The Consel S.p.A. company has its registered offices in Turin and works in the consumer credit sector. It provides a broad product range focussing on lending, notably instalment credit and credit card financing. It carries on its business activity through an operation network extending across Italy. This is made up of branch offices and selling points which have a convention with the company.
Consel originated in June 1999 as a division of the Biella Leasing S.p.A. company pertaining to the Gruppo Banca Sella. Since 29 December 2000, the Consel S.p.A. company has formally been established by way of partial demerger (with proportional share reassignment) from Biella Leasing S.p.A.

Consumer lending and instalment credit cards confer continuity on and additionally boost a policy strongly focussing on new technologies and the most up-to-date and ground-breaking business sectors, as well as on financial instruments and the Customer services that always mark its choices and strategies.

The tasks: consumer lending by means of classic instalment credit (featuring zero interest rate, subsidised interest rate, deferred initial instalment, balloon instalment, 'ten-by-ten' ("dieci per dieci") payment scheme), but also by means of revolving credit loans, instalment credit cards and charge credit cards, fidelity cards, personal loans and virtual credit cards (VCCs). Credit is granted through typical consumer lending channels, i.e. shops & stores, supermarkets and large-scale retailers (LSRs). The goods categories being potentially most suitable for consumer lending are: means of transportation (new & second-hand cars, motorbikes & motorcycles, camper vans & trailers, bikes), durable goods (such as domestic appliances, telephones and related enhancements, Hi-Fi equipment, photo-cameras, camcorders & the like, furniture items, sporting equipment and hobby items) and various services (travels & holidays, gym & swimming pool subscriptions, school & language courses, doctor & dentist bill and so on).

The benefits ensured by the consumer lending are: the shop or other selling point in which instalment credit is used (by means of a convention entered with Consel) has an effective instrument to further grow its business. This instrument makes it possible to quick and securely collect money, as well as to immediately grant customers a loan (thus increasing their loyalty). From the consumer-customer's perspective: purchasing in a quicker and easier way, having 'on-the-nail' financial resources and having the possibility to defer payments without being forced to disinvest.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Stefano Cosma
  • Deputy Chairman: Attilio Viola
  • General Manager and CEO: Giorgio Orioli
  • Directors: Fabio Cesare Bagliano, Viviana Barbera, Claudio Musiari, Silvana Terragnolo

Board of Statutory Auditors

  • Chairman: Claudio Sottoriva
  • Statutory Auditors: Emanuele Menotti Chieli, Giuseppe Leoni
  • Deputy Auditors: Giovanni Rayneri, Paolo Claretta Assandri

Registered Office location and contact details

Via Bellini 2 - 10121 Torino
Phone +39 011 5061111
Fax +39 011 5061113