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Our Principles

The Gruppo Banca Sella is a private and independent group; it intends to work in the Customer's interest by applying transparency, quality, professionalism and experience principles.

Our prime value. 'Banking' is not a job as all the other ones are. Indeed, a bank is much more than a mere service provider to a Customer's eyes: it plays a real social role not only vis-à-vis of the customers, but towards a broad stakeholder network, too. In our view, our prime ethical value is doing our job well, since this enables us to create value not just to us or the company, but to all of the stakeholders, instead.

These are the Ethical Values we believe in: honesty, correctness and fairness to the Customer, transparency (a capacity to pursue our Customer's interest, a capacity to explain), sensible and responsible behaviour.

Our Strengths

  • A history which is deeply tied to territory and traditional values
  • A Group Culture and shared values
  • The Sella Brand's main traits: uprightness, quality, tradition, innovation and dynamism
  • A broad product range, as well as good diversification and innovation
  • Recognised success in banking and other fields (consumer lending, online banking, leasing & hire-purchase financing, ...)